We are a synergistic music enterprise comprised of Big House Publishing (BHP) and Big House Independent Music Group (BHiMG), an independent music publisher and record label respectively. This year, BHC got to fulfill another of its growth strategies and build its third arm, Big House Laboratories (The Labs).


Big House Publishing

A full-service development publisher, BHP has cherry-picked its catalog in order to be able to offer clientele only choice titles. Founded in 2010, its co-founders, Christian Cedras & Krista Retto self-funded the company to the point of critical mass and launched to a niche 1,000 advertising agencies, television studios and independent film companies. Today, BHP is represented in over 30 countries, with foreign sub-publishers ROBADMP-BeneluxCafé Concerto and Alter-K… and more are in the pipeline. Its catalog remains focused on the emerging artist, and presents titles for sync and song-cutting from today’s hottest bands, producers and solo artists.

BHi Music Group

BHiMG was built to put a roof over the heads of its burgeoning publishing acts, as they lurch toward commercial success as performing acts. Most of the writers in the BHP stable were chosen because of their cross-platform ability to not only write a great song, but also because of their versatility to also perform those songs – skill in the craft, and longevity in their career. In 2014, BHi was formed with Dick Wingate appointed as President, and a US/Canada distribution, marketing & promotions deal was signed with Universal/Capitol Records/Caroline. BHiMG will continue its journey to develop BHP artists and offer them this powerful channel to release their records.

Big House Labs

Having become known to artists as a trusted development and distro house, BHC has long-sought to add audio recording and a video studio to its menu of services for its artists’ cross-platform growth. In August 2015, this vision was realized. BHC relocated its team and rosters to 28 W. 25th Street, NYC, the 5,500 sq.ft. home of renowned Color-NY and turn-key facility. With the space patched so that each room is pre-wired into dual control boards, and video controls, the five-star recording facility provides BHP, BHi and Guest artists a haven to create and collaborate. The Labs offer BHC a centrally-located office, two lounges, a video and photography suite, and a full kitchen – something essential to BHC’s culture – a place to cook up family-style meals and provide a 24/7 sanctuary to the creative musical arts.

BHC believes music is a collaborative art form, and prides itself on being one of the best partners an artist can choose to share in their content’s making and growth.

We are the music industrious, sleeves up!


Board, Advisors, L&P

Dick WingateSusan Schwartz, Dave D.J. McLaughlin,

Peter ThallRichard ConlonLucas Melchionna, Esq., Katia Goldin, CPA , 

Jean Cadet, Michael Retto, Olivier Lahens